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Armored combat vehicles for the police?

Recent news of MRAPs being given to civilian police in the USA shows that they are expecting major armed opposition from the public in the future. I would imagine that Americans would in general defend the Constitution, especially those formerly or currently in the Armed Forces. But what about the Police? Their actions during the ‘Occupy’ events one or two years ago showed us all precisely where their loyalties lie. Equipped with these vehicles and other military hardware, the police nowadays are a far cry from the police of yesteryear.



Hello there, I have been following the alarming spread of Islam in Europe and North America for some months and in the first couple of weeks of 2014 I noticed the emergence of the Twitter hashtag #OperationAmericanSpring on that site.

I found that there was a growing torrent of information both on Twitter and YouTube which was appearing from multiple sources and was quite serious in nature. To aid in the comprehension of what is unfolding before us, and the background to it all, I decided to create this blog which includes a ‘Timeline’ page in an attempt to provide an easily comprehended overview.