OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING Update 20 from Col Riley (10 Mar)


I feel it necessary, due to wide distribution of an issue, to send a note of explanation, regarding a “Disturbing OAS Development” or “OAS – How not to restore freedom” communicated this past weekend.

Many of you have and others have not viewed a great deal of water that has passed through email traffic this past weekend between some of our members and a disgruntled former OAS member. I asked Alex Coffey and Roberto(CWP) who were recipients and involved for an explanation to some destructive wording from the disgruntled sender.

Those that accuse, slander, ridicule, others for not following their approach when the approach is simply to find fault, raises questions behind motivation? Is it really meant to be helpful or an infiltrating divider? It is an example of how one individual with questionable motivations can disrupt many and spread doubt like wild-fire in a well meaning effort.

I accept the explanation by Alex which correlates to experiences others have shared in dealing with the individual involved. I accept that Alex nor Roberto ever explicitly or implicitly called for actions derailing OAS and both are needed as part of our OAS efforts. Are we in agreement on every idea, not likely, or we cannot explore or move forward. So we put the disgruntled chapter behind us and move forward.

There is no easy solution to what OAS is about, and there are obviously many potential avenues of proceeding. I surely reject calls of failure, behind scenes whining with no solution, when our trust is God focused.

I believe it’s understood and accepted, the greatest idea, greatest solution, no matter how well meaning or brilliant, will not likely fall on fertile ground if the messenger is demanding, combative, attacking, discourteous, and disagreeable. OAS is not in a command environment, it’s about mature individuals grasping for answers to a grave situation involving our national freedom, liberty, and constitutional government.

We have been and are in a mobilization phase which has taken most of the time of all of us. Everyone… State leaders, groups, individuals, OAS staff, grass roots, et al are willingly putting most personal considerations on hold to do everything possible to advance our mission. I’ve heard the calls for “details” of what in D.C.? I have also heard the calls, don’t give out our strategy to soon. My answer has been, yes, we need that D.C. leg but don’t’ have it yet, we’re mobilizing now but working to deal with the D.C. leg.

I have been searching for a solution to “what” OAS Demands/Grievances should include, in addition to the resignations of those listed in the mission statement. Should 20/30 million patriots show up in D.C. it is possible to replace some or all of those we’re naming. In my heart I believe God’s wind is behind OAS and has given us a clear path to D.C. but His voice has not yet delivered “what after arrival in D.C.”. I have been praying, which I know many of have also, reaching out to national expertise, legal teams, for advice, a framework to work from, a strawman, any credible assistance from anywhere. Some “I’ll get back to you” but silence follows….

We will have a plan and our/my goal for hard decisions have been and still is first week in April for critical decisions and announcements. Faith is at play here…………

God bless our honorable, noble efforts……..

Harry Riley

Visit Constitutional Emergency at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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