The Cold Hard Truth

An email from TJ McCann, Mar 16, 2014.
OAS — List of Concerns – "The Cold Hard Truth"

To Those for Whom Freedom is a Concern:


  1. National Militia Concerns
  2. Other Concerns – NorCom, NDAA, Insurrection Act, Martial Law
  3. Intrinsic Weaknesses of OAS – "Big Fish, Small Pond"
  4. Conclusion


Recent contacts from the national militia movement indicate the strong belief by these militia leaders that the Operation American Spring (OAS) movement is being manipulated to set up an ambush that will scapegoat the Conservative religious, ex-military and constitutionalists, already recognized by DHS as potential terrorist threats, who are known enemies of this administration in particular, and the globalist agenda overall. While these national militia leaders do not necessarily believe Colonel Riley is himself intending to provide this service to the globalist agenda and martial law, they are pursuing background checks of Colonel Riley and OAS leadership, because they find it difficult to believe the unwise methods employed by OAS could be the result of mere ignorance alone. More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

Additional concerns

Plans to use military force against any sort of substantial insurrection, intending to disrupt the continuity of government, particularly those advocating government overthrow (the OAS "Plan") and providing obstacles to societal and government function.

   • Video: Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns (set to time-stamp)

   • Article:

   • Article:

Further Considerations:

The purpose of NorCom, Northern Command – Mission Statement: "Conduct operations to deter, prevent, and defeat threats and aggression aimed at the United States, its territories, and interests within the assigned area of responsibility and …. As directed by the President or Secretary of Defense provide military assistance to civil authorities including consequence management operations."

SEE ALSO NDAA (2012), which contains several controversial sections, the chief being §§ 1021-1022, which affirm provisions authorizing the indefinite
military detention of civilians, including U.S. citizens, without habeas corpus or due process, contained in the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), Pub.L. 107–40

SEE ALSO: Insurrection Act: (applicable amended flow chart, below, on right side, as effected by 2008 Defense Authorization Bill ) which would trigger NorCom action – the employ of U.S. military forces within CONUS.

      (1) Does OAS intend to "oppose or obstruct … the laws of the
      United States" or "impeded the course of Justice under those laws"?
      Yes, and OAS does so openly, even advocating processes entirely
      outside the support of the U.S. Constitution, even necessitating the
      overthrow of the Constitution. Government by Oligarchy of a few
      hand-chosen men, and institution of a "tribunal", is entirely
      without constitutional support.

      (2) Do the conditions of "Insurrection, domestic violence,
      unlawful combination, or conspiracy" exist, or are they likely to
      come about from OAS actions, and intended results? Yes.

      Given this, the Insurrection Act, as amended, is applicable, and
      the use of Military Force is authorized under that Act. Also,
      particularly given the attendee numbers referenced by Riley and OAS,
      the OAS movement could be large enough, and severe enough, to
      justify the implementation of martial law.

It is important, even critical, to recognize the extreme vulnerabilities that OAS has set up. Even something as seemingly innocuous as "Bull Run", involving only the reservations by OAS participants for camping locations, some of whom intend to bring firearms, many of whom comprise 3 or 4 militia groups, in a State (Virginia) that allows open carry, and even provides a shooting range at that campground, is a tremendous hazard. All the federal government would have to do is find excuse for a raid on Bull Run, with suddenly those firearms, lawfully held and used, are being offered as evidence of an intended armed overthrow of the government. Very quickly, with the help of the complaint Mainstream Media, the term “Bull Run” would become synonymous with "Waco" and "Ruby Ridge", and serve as cause for the condemnation of the OAS movement in the public eye — and justification for martial law.

Under Martial Law, Congress itself has no authority to even challenge anything about that martial law for six months. Even once those six months pass, there is no guarantee Congress could end Martial Law even if it chose to do so. Imagine the "fundamental change" that can happen in even only those 6 months. At the whim of a dictator already absent restraint, the federal government can nationalize any company, any industry, and even commandeer personal vehicles, and ration anything and everything. There would be NO Bill of Rights, NO protection from unreasonable search and seizure, NO due process, and NO right to face one’s accusers. People would just be disappeared in the dark of night – GONE! Those "FEMA Camps" would suddenly have their occupants, but without any forwarding address provided, and no one accountable for what might happen to those imprisoned. Dr David Manning hit the nail on the head when he indicated that revolution can stop martial law, but also that martial law can stop revolution.

Imagine the chilling effect that would result from the bravest among us, those most eager and willing to actually stand for our guaranteed freedoms, being no longer among us, and no longer even able to be found. It is not as if similar things have not happened before in history, and numerous times.

These are not just the "Chicken Little" fears of an idle mind running amok, but the actual authority our federal government has given itself, to exercise over us under the false color of law, and has repeatedly shown its intent to use! And Operation American Spring is currently structured to play entirely into the hands of that tyrannous government, able to claim itself within its legitimate authority, while OAS participants are shown to be outside the law and Constitution, while allegedly asking for legitimate governance by that Constitution.

Subject: Big Fish, Small Pond — How to Fix OAS

Some have asked for solutions to fix the weaknesses of the OAS movement, to make it more effective and even give it any opportunity for success.

      1) we need to put the constant religious references on the back
      burner, particularly the references to us being "washed in prayer"
      and God being "with us", etc. To those not extremely religious, it
      only makes us look fanatical and extremist, while alienating those
      who are not.

      2) Riley needs to be tutored to improve his responses. Either
      Riley needs to tutor himself, or we need to get Riley a tutor, or
      have someone appear with him to provide supplemental answers,
      someone who is more conversant in the Constitution and political
      response in spontaneous discussion.

      3) Riley needs to switch up his message and perhaps supplement each
      interview with specifically-planned areas of more information,
      generally with direct reference to current problems in our
      government – those grievances. The purpose of this is to give
      people who are listening more reason to continue to listen to Riley
      – and join the movement. Too few are going to join for simply Riley
      himself. Furthermore it done in a calculated fashion, these
      supplemented responses could be applied in answers to specific
      interviewer questions in the future, thereby promoting a consistent
      and substantive message. This is all a consideration of modern
      Public Relations. Riley’s continued generic responses just do not
      cut it.

      4) we need to minimize the idea that this is militarist, or
      military-based movement, and not do as several spokespersons have
      done, claiming that OAS is going to work because of military
      backgrounds and experience. This only alienates people, and has not
      been showing all that great success in OAS’s actual results. Most
      people rightfully do not connect our freedoms under the Constitution
      with the military, and military philosophy, and in fact the two are
      rather in conflict. While the authoritative dictate of a "tribunal"
      coincides with military philosophy, it does not dovetail at all with
      the Constitution’s terms. Also the idea of it being a militarist
      movement only affirms doubts that what this group will accomplish
      would be more equivalent to a military coup, entirely outside the

      5) we need a detailed list of demands, each with a reference to the
      Constitution providing indication why we should expect they are met,
      and why the government is way beyond its legitimate authority.
      Riley’s planned supplemental responses in #3 could be used to
      advance this.

      6) We need to do brainstorming on some P.R. events we might engage
      that would force both somewhat sympathetic and even unsympathetic
      media to recognize the movement.

While some of these considerations have been broached within the OAS movement, it is clear they none have been adequately implemented.

WHY OAS Has Intrinsic Problems:

Small Pond, Big Fish
Before even OAS, Riley wanted to create his own site, the result being "Patriots for America" (PFA). And Riley put his name prominently on that free Ning site, showing a good degree of personal confidence – he, Riley himself, was to be the draw. We’ve all seen that prominent name, and heard it said it is "Riley’s site".

Riley then attracted a bunch of like-minded people to that PFA site, religious people, and the philosophy is overwhelmingly that of Bible thumping Evangelicals, but there’s not much political commentary, nor much in the way of Constitutional argument – that wasn’t what Harry was good at, and it was not what his site offers. And indeed, anyone can review the history of that forum and see for themselves that there is not much in-depth Constitutional analysis and political discussion going on in the historic records, beyond "oh, look how unconstitutional this is!" This same is not true of other more politically and constitutionally savvy sites. Let’s face it: savvy political people just do not gravitate to a site to discuss U.S. politics, much less expecting to participate in any thorough discussion of the violations of the Constitution, particularly not a site that is tailored around the personae of an ex Military person.

This may be a harsh recognition, but what the Ning Site is, is a cult of personality, really not all that different than those rabid supporters of Obama, and they think this Riley guy should have our support because A) he’s ex military, and B) he’s religious — and we hear both of these references repeatedly, ad nauseum. However the Constitution’s terms really don’t come into play at all in either of those considerations. And this personality cultism is not helping the movement achieve anything. and as it is continuing, is only hindering and prohibiting the movement’s success.

Bigger Pond, Same Fish

Now Riley wants to go from being a big fish, in his own small pond, to being a big fish in a national movement, but he’s evidently not equipped with any sort of working, applied-knowledge of the Constitution (as shown repeatedly by his own performances), much less any experience with how to argue it politically in an open, spontaneous real-world environment. Instead, it is apparent that Riley believes the same message on the PFA site can be continued in the national movement.

And since the start of OAS, Riley has shown no desire to get tutored, or to put someone else with him on interviews, someone who actually does have that ability to argue the Constitution’s terms and the ongoing transgressions of government extemporaneously. To do so takes work, study, and evidently Riley does not believe this to be necessary. Good intentions alone will not draw others to unite with OAS.

Nor has Riley shown any recognition that the Evangelical religious fervor can no longer be on the front burner, because it is, undeniably, driving people away, and winning this movement only the reputation of being "right wing extremism", even from those sympathetic to the movement, even those who are religious and wanting the Constitution restored, myself being only one of many.

    • He wants to lead, but the claims there’s no OAS leader.
    • He wants to dictate the terms from a closed group, but claims there
       is no such closed group in interviews.
    • He wants his cronies to lead the group, but frankly they are not the
      best equipped to argue political considerations or the Constitution
      in front of an open mic.

And in fact even a marginally competent Alan Colmes picked out the inconsistencies of Riley’s message, and confronted him with those by playing sound clips from previous interviews which contradicted what Riley had just said in that interview. And you can guarantee that the more competent national media is going to go for the overall soft underbelly being presented by Riley far to far greater effect than Colmes did. Riley needs to be preparing for this, but it is evident he is not adequately doing so.

RIGHT NOW we have a movement that thinks it’s more about military, than it does that it’s about the Constitution. It’s more about Scripture and verse, than it is about Article and Section of the Constitution. Even a couple days ago on an interview, Chris Blystone was saying this movement is going to succeed "…. because of its military base, and command structure." WHAT?! What command structure is that? the same one that is continually screwing things up? When exactly are we going to militarize a bunch of old farts? Wasn’t this about the Constitution and a decentralized grass roots movement?

Big Fish Are Being Fed Evangelical Scripture & Militarism, rather than Constitution, and leaving. Citing Article and Section is far more mission-critical than reciting Chapter and Verse, in a movement allegedly intending to restore the Constitution.

Think about it… ALL of this — the roots of this group … is everything that is guaranteeing this will only appeal to a very limited audience, thereby minimizing chance of success, and assuring that a movement relying on numbers will FAIL, and not just fail a little, but FAIL in a big way, capable of even killing this country’s last remaining hope.


There are those among you who are angry at me, and you may feel justified in that. However the fact remains I am as strongly wanting OAS to be a success as any among you. What I am not willing to do is to sacrifice my own and other’s freedoms, and very LIVES, to engage in a feel-good operation that is not only structured so that it has NO reasonable chance of success, but also structured so that it provides our enemies the justification to act against us in the harshest of terms, even employing military force, able to charge OAS members with insurrection and intended government overthrow, and thereby to claim the authority to profoundly change the country virtually overnight via martial law.

There is those who mistakenly believe there is no realistic opportunity for martial law to effectively lock down the country (with some of these having difficulty spelling "martial law"). Unfortunately this country’s own history would stand against such a belief, with martial law having been instituted during the Civil War, and World War II. Many are entirely unaware that Obama already declared a state of National Emergency on June 25, 2012, inclusive of enacting the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code. And what triggered this national emergency? This state of emergency was declared simply because it was believed that Russia’s nuke demilitarization program lost control of fissile materials, and by this Obama gave himself Emergency Powers over civilians and the economy, despite the obvious fact that the civilian populace would not commonly come in contact with the trade of fissile materials! This was a test run.

There have been other test runs too. Military drills have been held in U.S. cities, with the military working with local police:
     Los Angeles Jan 26 2012,
     Chicago April 17 2012,
     St Louis July 3 2012,
     Minneapolis Aug 28 2012,
     Miami January 24, 2013,
     Houston January 28 2013.

In each of these exercises the police were working with the military, and all show the training exercises being in a heightened state, dangerous, reckless with regard to citizens and onlookers, with an outright disregard for life, and no advance warning as to what was going on. In Chicago the local police were training with the military and the Polish military, Polish BOA – Bureau Of Anti-terrorism, and they even pulled the Boy Scouts into it, training them to be victims, and to be servile when martial law comes.

If they are training for mountainous terrain they go to the mountains, if they are training for desert terrain, they go to the desert, if they are training for coastal terrain they go to the coasts. The reason they are going to American cities, is they plan to operate in American cities – martial law.

Not only are they training the military to act against American citizens on American soil, and desensitizing the citizens to the military command, they are also militarizing the police, and training them to accept directions from the military, and to not protect the citizenry.

After Katrina, the police came and took away firearms from the law-abiding citizens, without too much outcry. After the Boston Marathon bombing, Boston and its surrounding burbs were put under martial law, with people being marched from their homes at gunpoint, without the slightest cause. These too were tests, to acclimate Americans.

In 2008 when Hank Paulson and the bankers went to the Congress and told them they had to bail out the banks for 700 Billion dollars, or else martial law would be declared, they were not lying. If you recall, some of the braver Congresspersons made statements to this effect from the floor. They were prepared to execute martial law even to only protect the profits of the bankers, and what we want now threatens their entire corrupt system.

Those of you camping at Bull Run and similar places should not be worrying so much about cooking food for the gathered people there. Do not consider where your bedroll is thrown out in Virginia to be any sort of sanctuary. You should be more worried about setting up lookouts on the surrounding roads to provide an advance alert, and be prepared for helicopters overhead in the dead of night, with spotlights darting from place to place, while jackbooted thugs rush in with full body armor, shouting demands to you at the point of a gun. They are not going to strike you where you are strongest, massed on the Mall, but where you are weakest and unprepared, under the false claim that OAS is intending a government overthrow.

That is what you need to be prepared for. It is time to take off the rose-colored glasses, and to behave like mature, responsible men and women who really want their freedoms back, and deserve them.

T.J. McCann
Valley Forge

If you want to talk openly about OAS:
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