Dear Harry Riley (ONE QUESTION)

[an email from TJ McCann dated March 17th]

HARRY RILEY, you’ve been listening to these emails, but you’ve been strangely silent. You claim yourself this movement’s leader, but you dont seem to lead anything but character assassination and falsehoods from the shadows.

Now’s the time to speak up, Harry, and I’ve got a real simple question for you, one about the most fundamental principle of this movement:

What is this movement really about, the Constitution or Individuals?

1) Is this movement about the U.S. Government and Constitution both being so thoroughly and systemically corrupted, throughout all three branches, that we must demand that Constitution’s restoration?

2) OR is the problem really just corrupt individuals, with no corruption of the Constitution, no systemic corruption of the government, thereby making it reasonable to only just demand the ejection of 7 individuals without any constitutional reference, "Obama, Biden, Reid McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi and Holder", and then everything will be fine. Is the problem really only just specific criminals, Harry?

We look forward to your answer to this simple question, Harry.

Now is the time to show actual leadership.



4 responses

  1. TJM,
    I have been reading your self promoting rants for weeks now. Give us a break.
    Take a hike. Get a life. Chill. Go soak your head. Do you get my drift slick.

    Now to attempt to answer your questions. The constitution has been corrupted by corrupt individuals in government. They must resign and made an example of. Anyone else who does not want to follow constitutional law, get rid of them. This includes all three branches. Get rid of all un-constitutional laws and start from basics. I believe I have just answered both your questions. You seem to have a pimple on your ass and believe Harry gave it to you. Leave him alone. Go see a shrink or a proctologist. Now I will not debate you or answer any more of your questions or queries. Please just go away. We are adults here so go play in your sand box. I have really sugar coated this so as not to insult you. Hopefully Harry will see this. I have no intention of speaking for him, I am speaking for myself. I do not know the man. Thank you for your attention. Now TJM if you want to kick my ass let me know and I will give you my address.
    Jim Drummond
    Indian Trail NC

    1. Jim.

      You must have me confused with someone else. I have not done any sort of ‘self promoting”, much less rants. What I have been promoting is the Constitution, which seems appropriate and necessary in a movement allegedly about restoring the Constitution. Maybe you recall how that PFA site calls itself “Constitutional Emergency”. Perhaps you think that lifeguards at the beach should go out and drowned swimmers too?

      Jim, in trying to answer here, you’ve already broken the Word According to Harry Riley by stating that the Constitution is corrupted by corrupt individuals. Shame on you, Jim. “BRING OUT THE BAN HAMMER! Excommunicate this Jim bastard!”

      Ya see, Riley believes that only a few (7) individuals are corrupt, and the Constitution is intact, and the government is otherwise sound. Myself, I find this rather hard to swallow, particularly given that in one year’s time the Supreme Court itself said that “it’s okay for the federal government to claim ownership of each individual citizen’s body, because of the power to tax,” (they dont get more banal than that) and then in the DOMA case, refused the Congress authority to make decisions only applicable to federal process itself, ya know, Congress’s “turf” according to Separation of Powers, in a case the Supreme Court had no jurisdiction to hear, and no authority to rule on.

      Perhaps you and Riley are each scratching your heads wondering how you understood the Constitution so poorly, and what it costs to get a gay partner insured.

      Jim, do you really think that getting rid of the seven (7) listed individuals will somehow, as you say, “get rid of all unconstitutional laws”, and start from the basics?

      Jim, I have only one more question for you:

      Tell me, Jim, do you like to be bounced on a knee while being told a fairy tale too? You poor, sad bastard, you’re the poster child for why Americans have lost their freedoms, and it’s really a toss-up whether they deserve them at all.

      Why would I want to kick your ass, Jim? You’re having a hard enough time on your own. Go back to fishing for navel lint; I hear they’re biting.

      Maybe you should find Riley for a pat on the head.

      1. I am going to break my rule here and answer you home boy.
        You are one sick SOB. Fuck off ass-wipe. One again I am sugar coating it.

  2. You’re obviously trying to impress everyone with your intellect yet again, now mixed with your cool calculating manner. ..

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