Questions that want “Answered”

[an email written by TJ McCann March 18th, 2014]

On 2014-03-18 3:51 pm, Chris Blystone wrote:

Don’t feed the trolls and just block the email address. Not worth getting into any discussions with someone who will not listen to logic. If you have any questions you want answered based on the crap TJ is writing, feel free to pick up the phone


I apologize in advance for this email. You seem to be a decent and likable guy, but all the decency and good intentions in the world are not going to change facts and reality, and you pretty much put your head in this ‘noose’ of your own free will.

It is particularly bad form to refer to me as a “troll” given the fact that you, Alex Coffey, and Commonwealth Patriot (Roberto), came to me, by your own agreement, and suggested that I write the OAS mission goals specifically tailored to the Constitution, with Roberto himself suggesting a “coup” (his word) to bypass Riley with those demands and bring them to Congress directly from State leadership, if necessary.

If what I’ve suggested as necessary all along were not recognized and agreed to by you three as being absolutely necessary for OAS’s success, then you would not have come to me to write those demands tailored to the Constitution. Up to this point I’ve left any reference to you out of emails, but you put your own neck in the noose by now pretending things to be otherwise.

You claim to have answers to “questions want answered”, how about answering just the most basic of questions here in open email, since we all know the NSA, DHS, FEMA and other groups are already following our every communication:

     1) How can a movement allegedly based on the restoration of government to the terms of the U.S. Constitution, not only avoid every reference to that Constitution, but also promote the removal of individuals and subjecting them to trial by “tribunal” of hand-selected judges, when this is nowhere in line with the Constitution, and represents that Constitution’s overthrow?

     2) Does this movement believe the Constitution and all 3 branches of government have become thoroughly corrupted, OR does it believe the problem is merely the 7 named individuals, ” “? If only intending removal of those 7 individuals, is not the proper Constitutional remedy impeachment, and there is really no need for millions to gather in D..C. ?

     It would seem that targeting those 7 individuals is nothing but feel-good action, advocated by means entirely outside of, and hostile to, that Constitution, and which CANNOT POSSIBLY remedy, nor cure, the very real problems which so many want addressed!

These simple questions address the very heart of the Operation American Spring movement, and its motivation.

And like it or not, the means that OAS leadership itself has chosen to lay out these goals, repeatedly and deliberately avoiding the Constitution’s reference, does indeed bring up the issues of insurrection, conspiracy to overthrow the government, treason, and very likely the deliberate instigation of martial law !

There really is no avoiding these questions, not for anyone who is paying real attention and understanding the enormity of the stakes that are on the table. This is not a matter of “logic”, as you so conveniently reference it, but rather the truth, and cold, hard facts.

Chris, do you have any answers to these questions and concerns, or will you just blow happy-smoke up people’s wazoos and have them ignore these concerns, kicking the ‘can’ further down field, claiming a leadership that is repeatedly without answers and solutions (and unanswerable) is “handling it” ? If you think this is all “crap”, then it should be able to be easily addressed, and dismissed.


T.J. McCann
Valley Forge.


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  1. This guy lied about his Military Record check it out

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