Martial Law in the Not Distant Future

[an email from TJ McCann]

On December 13, 2013  “Harry”, or Harry Riley, made a post to the PatriotsForAmerican Ning site titled “Purging Senior Military Officers/NCOs……….Martial Law in the not distant future—Sounds feasible to me”.

This topic appears to be posting the email correspondence from a “Col Jack”, ostensibly to Harry Riley, and discusses the motivation for Obama’s purging senior  military offices and NCO’s based upon their unwillingness to fire upon American people in the event of martial law. There’s nothing new about this assumption as to motivation, and indeed numerous web sites across the Internet have postings stating this same motivation for the purging.

What should be startling to everyone is that this recognition came on, or around the time of Riley’s indicated motivation to start “Operation American Spring”.in December of last year.

This recognition of the Administration’s desire to institute martial law, even with Obama’s intent “to stay in office beyond two terms”, should be duly noted particularly given the fact that the OAS plan, as currently lain out, involves the intent for masses to go to D.C. and demand the removal, not impeachment, of seven individuals, “Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, McConnell, and Boehner”, The country would then be subject to a military-style “tribunal” (right out of martial law text books) made up of hand-chosen members, who seemingly all pass judgment upon those Seven, as well as other issues.

Apparently Harry Riley believes his own brand of martial law to be infinitely preferable to Obama’s martial law. It is from just such arrogance and ignorance that Banana Republics are made, and nation’s thrown into prolonged bloodshed. Despite George Washington’s picture being conspicuously placed all over the OAS sites, this is quite the opposite of what Washington himself did, removing himself from a 3rd term as President and allowing the Republic to flourish.

While one may generally approve of the principles of “West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, and Jordan”, neither I nor the Constitution itself recognize these men as having any constitutional legitimacy under the terms indicated, and their extra-constitutional dictate would not represent the rule of law, but rather usurpation of rule by men and the overthrow by conspiracy of the U.S. Constitution! Not to malign any of these men, but we do not even know for certain that they each have the integrity to cast off such unbridled authority, as Washington himself did, and we should not have to blindly rely on such.

What should be recognized is that the massed Americans going to D.C. on May 16th for OAS will be doing so advocating Riley’s stated intentions to overthrow  the Constitution’s terms, and acting by conspiratorial pre-agreement seen prominently on both OAS web sites, which is beyond insurrection, to actual treason intending the overthrow of government, and such provides legitimate license for the existing Obama Administration to institute just that martial law, suspending the Constitution and those allegedly “unalienable” individual rights.

QUESTION: Is Col Harry Riley really this oblivious to the impact of his plan, or does he imagine Americans to be so ignorant and desperate so as to sign on to a plan that brings about the demise of their own freedoms, and this Republic itself? When the title of Riley’s posting indicates of martial law, “sounds feasible to me”, which is nowhere in the letter itself, is that martial law really Riley’s own objective?

Has Riley even paused to recognize, beyond official government response, that many Constitution-respecting, law-abiding Conservative Americans will likely feel compelled to raise arms against the actions of he and his misguided minions?

Of further note, there is no evidence anywhere on Riley’s two sites, that he rejects the authority by the unilateral dictate of the Executive (i.e. President Obama) to impose martial law. In fact nowhere in Article II of the Constitution, which outlines the authorities of the President, is there any provision for the President to suspend the Constitution, abridging the rights and freedoms of Americans, and to utilize the military against the American people. While Article 1, Section 8, Powers of Congress, does provide for the Congress the authority to call forth the militia to resist insurrection, the Constitution provides no direct authority to any body to suspend the Constitution and the rights which it does protect. The authority to institute martial law originally came about via Supreme Court interpretation, and has been generally expanded via a series of illegitimate Executive Orders, with Obama most recently having unilaterally usurped the authority to declare martial law even in peacetime.

While my recognition of Riley’s public failure on his web sites to indicate the absent constitutional authority for martial law may seem unfair, it certainly seems appropriate given Riley’s call to institute his own brand of martial law. “Quo warranto”, by what authority, does Riley imagine he might do this? There is no such authority, and nothing would be remedied in its accomplishment, while much that is precious will be forever destroyed.

If you want to discard the Constitution, and throw the dice to see what we might end up with, then by all means head to D.C. with Operation American Spring on May 16th.


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