The Jingle

Operation American Spring now has a catchy Jingle.

In the Youtube video there is a crowd scene, everybody having a nice day, perhaps suggesting that this is what OAS will be like.

OAS jingle

From Youtube also are the following scenes depicting others who also disagree with their government’s behavior. Your mileage may vary.

police clubwater cannonswoman


3 responses

  1. As to this jingle, perhaps some should broach the issue that those pictured in the video such as Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Reagan and Palin might not sign on to OAS’s “plan”.

    Most certainly the events on May 16th will not be what the video suggests, a friendly gathering on the Mall similar to day at a Great Adventure theme park.

    While the living can yet speak for themselves while they draw breath, I’m pretty certain that Reagan did not sign on to support OAS’s plan, nor would he support such an abandonment of the Constitution, and the high ground its reference offers to those allegedly desiring to restore that Constitution.

    It is curious why an educated Colonel would so deliberately abandon all real reference to the Constitution, when doing so removes those gathered in D.C. from the high ground of the Constitution’s guarantees, and protections. Instead, Riley has retreated to the terms of the Declaration of Independence, a time when there was no real expectation for provision, and the outcome following the conflict becomes entirely wide-open and unknown, just like revolutionary France, and “springing” Egypt. .

    One must ask if Riley is indeed that injudicious, or if he is deliberately intending to destabilize the country, and collapse the Republic. All it would take is a few people to bring firearms into the Mall.

  2. You people just don’t get it do you. The time for flapping jaws and “wait until Nov.” is over. It is time for action. No more talk. The Republic will stand, the country is de-stabilized now. So what do we do; wait for the regime to confiscate our weapons and continue to stomp on more of our rights? The “insurrection” is bound to happen, in six months or a year. It is inevitable. So let us get in over with. If you are not with us you are against us. Stay out of the way and shut up.

  3. Jimbo for a guy who is so frantically defending Operation American Spring, you sure don’t seem to know all that much about it, or its gross flaws. You say it’s “time for action”, but the action needed isn’t to shoot ourselves in the foot, nor to shoot off our mouths, nor to engage in some feel-good moment that has no chance of turning out positive, and great likelihood of ending up right where we don’t want to be – martial law. It’s a really hair-brained idea to bring warm bodies to a regime not known for any restraint, provide that regime an excuse to act by openly indicating a plan to overthrow the government and discard the Constitution, AND to have people bringing along firearms to sit on the shores of the Potomac, giving them every excuse to act against OAS members in the harshest of terms possible!

    Jimbo, that is what’s known as an idiot’s play, but if you’re fine with it, may I recommend staying at home, saving yourself the travel and expense, and instead put out an electrical fire by urinating on it.

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