OAS Disintegrating

Today it became clearly obvious that Operation American Spring is experiencing significant problems.

     •   8 Apr 2014 – Texas Rose resigned.
     •   8 Apr 2014 – Lynn resigned.
     • 11 Apr 2014 – ameriguy asked why. Fobbed off.
     • 12 Apr 2014 – Randy Wiley resigned.
     • 12 Apr 2014 – Pinkorchid demanded why, no response.
     • 12 Apr 2014 – Allegations some State Forums removed.

The lack of any sort of response from the leadership of OAS is not going to inspire the general membership, especially as it is only four weeks until OAS goes live. Coupled with the fact that OAS Demands have been presented to the politicians in the name of the OAS membership, but the membership has not been shown what they have put their name to, one wonders just what the hell is really going on?


One response

  1. While the list of those resigning is correct, the “Allegations some State Forums removed” is not correct. There was no removal of state forums. This was an allegation by one of those that so technically challenged they cannot scroll down a web page and see what they are claiming is missing. The OAS movement is filled with well-meaning “senior citizens” that have to be individually tutored on technology to even be able to navigate a website.

    Leaving that claim in the list of problems minimizes the impact of the remainder of the list, which are true.

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