This evening as I went through incoming emails, I went through the ‘Alerts’ folder where all my Google Alerts arrive. As usual there were a number of inconsequential hits, but one caught my eye. It was actually where Google had spotted a blog entry and replies on The TexasFred Blog.

Unarmed is NOT something I DO. If these people intend to MARCH on D.C. and to do ANY type of *removal* of elected officials then they have effectively engaged in acts of anarchy against the elected government of this nation.

Now don’t take me wrong, I have NO ISSUE with ALL of them being removed from the Obama regime, and to be removed BY FORCE if necessary, but you don’t go to a REVOLUTION unarmed.

Any leader worth his salt knows that and if said leader advocates leading an unarmed REVOLUTION, all he’s going to do is get a lot of American citizens killed for nothing.

Among the replies was this …

This has happened before: July 28th, 1932. Old geezers, like me, remember the “Bonus Army” and what happened that afternoon beginning around 4:30 PM. If you are not familiar with this terrible event and the events leading up to it, please read the article at:

Any one who has commanded troops in the field will tell you — you do not place your men in a trap — like a downtown area such as the Mall — with no cover and no means of escape. It would be a massacre.

It breaks my heart to report that I am convinced that American troops would, and will, fire upon American citizens if, and when, ordered to do so. The officer corp has been effective stripped of officers who might have refused such an order.

My study of the American Civil War gleaned story after story of American troops, on both sides of the conflict, weeping openly as they mowed down their brother Americans on the opposing side, even, at times, cheering the bravery of the men they were slaughtering.

If Americans are going to war, again, with each other, understand — the citizenry will be divided just as it was during the 1861-1865 conflict. It will quickly devolve into brother against brother, all over again. We must be prepared for that. There will be no time for PTSD. There will be no middle ground. It will not be a regional war. It will be a national war. There will be no place to hide. It will take a commitment that, frankly, I don’t believe modern Americans can muster , at least for a prolonged period.

… And we’ll never get America back. The enmity between survivors will be so intense, the Balkans will look like a Sunday School picnic. We will never again have a cohesive country on these shores.

I know that this line of thought has been expressed recently by others, but I have never seen it put so concisely and clearly. Speaking for myself, I read those words with a sense of dread as I was forced to face head-on what Harry Riley intends to unleash on Americans.

May God have mercy on us all.


2 responses

  1. I just want you to know, I have nothing against YOU or your idea of taking America back, I am 100% in agreement that we MUST take this nation back… My only issue is the *unarmed* part.. That is a *no go* for me and many others…

    Please be very careful in ALL that you do, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist but I have no doubt that the powers that be are watching and reading everything we do, say or post!

    Deo vindice.

  2. It should be noted that the federal government (Congress) is charged by the Constitution with writing laws that are applicable to the enclave of government, that being D.C.. Given this, those laws should be congruent with the Constitution and should not in any way infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms. This is just one of the gross corruptions going on before us which must be remedied.

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