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Anatomy of a Mole


Recent research about Commonwealth Patriot (Roberto Tonizzo),  the O.A.S. lead for Virginia and D.C., has demonstrated that Tonizzo is not as he represents himself, a “construction contractor”, and very possibly a lobbyist inside DC, with Roberto Tonizzo being involved in a series of companies that are contrary to his claim of hectic employment in construction.

H&K Seafood
First there was discovery of his seafood company, in Virginia, dealing in Stone Crab,Blue Crab,Alaskan King,Dungeness Crab,Opelia Crab. Note the company name, H&K Seafood.

H&K Consulting
Second, Tonizzo was discovered to be the primary officer of a company in Las Vegas Nevada, H&K Consulting, LLC.  Note the name consistency with the seafood company. Note also that Roberto Tonizzo is the company contact, but he is in Moneta, Virginia.

This is a list of shared businesses that share his address at 2215-B Renaissance Dr, Las Vegas, showing a wide variety of interests in some 250 companies, and likely indicative of a front for lobbying interests.

Holdrege & Kull (
Third this H&K Consulting, and the consistent H&K name,  may be tied to a an engineering company in Las Vegas by the name of Holdrege & Kull, with the website address of (note the naming consistency).    Among Holdrege & Kull’s areas of engineering expertise is…. solar farm construction… just like what Harry Reid wants to install near the Bundy Ranch.  Below is one of the images from H and K’s webpage  banners.


Roberto  Tonizzo is evidently a lobbyist acting under the interests of Harry Reid, and misrepresenting himself as a patriot, and conservative, while pushing OAS forward at any cost, even going to extremes to viciously defame OAS members who have questioned the movement’s objectives. accusing them of theft, abandoning 100’s of crippled veterans, and even being a white supremacist, all without any proof.  One has to wonder why Tonizzo would so rabidly attach anyone only examining OAS’s method and philosophy. and go to such extremes.  Riley has refused to remove Tonizzo’s attacks to these persons across OAS’s forum sites, as well as social media sites, giving Tonizzo carte blanche despite how such conduct is obviously harmful to OAS’s perception and reputation.  This is inconsistent for a man who represents himself as a devout Christian and “bathed in prayer”, as Col. Harry Riley does.

Tonizzo has been questioned about his involvements in Nevada, and he deflected the question providing no explanation whatsoever.

Tonizzo has been traveling around promoting OAS with Alex Coffey to gun shows,  CPAC, and Virginia OAS meetings.  Alex Coffey represents himself as defense contractor living in Colorado and commuting weekly by plane to DC.  Coffey maintains that he has official permission for his actions with OAS, and therefore his involvement with OAS will not impact his security clearance;  he’s “sanctioned” for that involvement.   But what exactly is that involvement that he got permission for?   Alex Coffey’s father is Alan Coffey, who is OAS’s “prayer warrior team leader”.  This is what Alan Coffey’s bio on PFA says about him:

“I retired in l988 from the US Army from the Military Intelligence Corp, served in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry, later Augsburg, Germany and Heidelberg, “

I believe Riley served in Germany as well, and both military Intel!   And Alex, the son, is a military defense contractor, and yet has all this time to travel around with Roberto, promoting OAS.   Tonizzo has claimed he just sorta “hooked up with Alex” despite Tonizzo being more than laid back about any religious affiliation he might have. .