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Countdown to OAS, pros and cons

(This post contains material from a blog post by Bobby Powell (The Truth Is Viral)

OAS Finale Thumb

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TTiV host Bobby Powell and Operation American Spring spokesman Joe Bennett, the Pennsylvania state coordinator for OAS, discuss what organizers hope to accomplish when they descend on Washington D.C. on May 16th.

In the second half of the show Bobby brings on Rich Buckner, the former Washington D.C. coordinator for OAS. Buckner echoes concerns expressed by himself, and eight other state coordinators who have quit OAS in recent days because ‘it isn’t what it appears to be.’

These state coordinators represent almost 20% of OAS’s management-level volunteer force, and their resignations have thrown up some serious red flags. Richard Hall, a close personal friend of Col. Harry Riley and the man in charge of the entire volunteer effort, resigned after discovering that the FBI had placed moles inside the OAS leadership.

The Truth Is Viral had originally taken a stand against Operation American Spring back in January when an investigation aided by Patriot broadcasters Kathy Rubio and Zeeda Andrews revealed that Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely – an uber-neocon and Tea Party darling – had once coauthored a paper for the Army on how to use mind control techniques to influence crowds ranging in size from unruly street mobs to the populations of entire countries with Col. Michael Aquino.

Aquino is the founder of the Satanic Temple of Set, and even though Vallely has never been accused of being a Satanist himself (not even by this program,) his working relationship with Aquino – and the nature of that relationship (figuring out how to use mind-control on crowds just like the one expected in D.C. on the 16th) – I felt uncomfortable promoting the event.

The next week TTiV reversed that stance after Col. Riley appeared on the Pete Santilli show and stated that Maj. Gen. Vallely had no official role to play in the leadership of OAS. This was backed up by an email from Col. Riley’s publicity agent who stated the same thing.

Taking Col. Riley at his word that Vallely would have no part in the protest, and understanding that something must be done if the People are to regain control of their government, TTiV continued to positively promote Operation American Spring. But over the past week, information has been released indicating that Vallely will indeed be playing a role in the demonstration. This is extremely disturbing information.

Several weeks ago I published an episode of The Truth Is Viral that documented the fact that from time to time I am being followed by unknown individuals in black humvees. A former high-ranking administrator within the OAS command structure informed me this week that the tail was courtesy of Maj. Gen Vallely, who had asked his personal intel chief to investigate me.

Apparently the General does not like to have the truth told about his connections with devil worshipers or his trips to Syria where he was very vocally supporting the same al-Qaeda terrorists in the Free Syrian Army that John McCain is so fond of swapping spit with, the very same terrorists – Abdul Hakin al-Hasidi and Abdel Hakim bel-Hadj – that were responsible for the US-backed insurgents who murdered Libyan dictator Moammar Gadaffi.

Guess who doesn’t care what the general doesn’t like?

Buckner, the Publisher of, went on to speak at length about all of the little red flags that have gone up during his short tenure as the Washington D.C. coordinator for OAS; red flags that include OAS organizers planning to put as many militia as possible into the Bull Run Regional Park Campground instead of spreading them out. Remember when the Army Air Corp bunched all of their planes together to keep them safe from sabotage on Dec. 6th 1941? That worked out great didn’t it?

Gramma always said, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” Ssgt. Willie always said, “SPREAD OUT! One mortar round would take out all of you assholes!” It is against sound military doctrine to concentrate your troops in one spot on the eve of a battle, and a seasoned military commander like Col. Harry Riley would know this.

Eight state coordinators from Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, W. Virginia, and two from Nevada have quit OAS in recent days, all stating concerns about the safety of Patriots who plan to attend. One major concern shared by all of those former volunteers is that the federal government might send agent provocateurs into Washington D.C. to turn the event into a “bloodbath.” Seeing as how federal agents have already been caught infiltrating the movement, and taking into account incidents like Ruby Ridge and Waco where the government showed little concern – and no mercy – for any who oppose them, this appears to be a legitimate concern.

While some might see the use of the word ‘bloodbath’ as a bit extreme, that is exactly what some of these former volunteers fear will happen if an agent provocateur brings a weapon into D.C. and fires at federal agents. Even if a shot is fired into the air, it could very easily provoke a lethal response; a response which would be answered in kind by a ‘second wave’ of armed militia stationed in Virginia and Maryland ‘until we need them.’

Officially, OAS is supposed to be completely a completely peaceful and unarmed event designed to get Congress off of their corrupt and/or just plain lazy butts and impeach Barack Hussein Obama. Unofficially, armed militia are being told to stand by just outside the District of Columbia.

Emboldened by their stunning victory at the Bundy ranch where armed militia forced federal agents to turn tail and run, militia members may be hoping for a repeat. Not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade, but Barack Obama and Eric Holder are not going to let anyone walk into “their house” and slap them around as was done in the deserts of Nevada. Their egos will not allow it.

They also aren’t just going to leave office just because a bunch of angry Americans show up at the front gate of the White House to demand their impeachment and imprisonment. The Communist plan to put Bathhouse Barry into office has been in the works since the 60’s since Obama was nothing more than a red diaper baby. They aren’t just going to give up and walk away.

Patriots who supported the Bundys were immediately attacked by the Left, the charge led by Nevada Senator Harry Reid, a man who holds the distinction of being the most corrupt member of the Senate, and they were labeled “racists” and “domestic terrorists.” Imagine the response from the feds if Obama felt as though his tenure as POTUS were in serious jeopardy.

According to the new rules laid down in the NDAA and the AUMF, the United States is now a battlefield where American citizens no longer enjoy the protections provided by the 5th Amendment if Barack Obama or one of his goons say they don’t apply. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and CIA chief John Brennan have all refused to rule out the use of drones domestically.

This is particularly disturbing because Obama already has 3 “kills” of natural-born American citizens to his credit, earning him the title “Judge, jury, and executioner” from the normally ultra-liberal ACLU. None of those citizens were even so much as charged with a crime in a court of law, not even a military tribunal, before Obama ordered their deaths with his pen and phone.

The deaths of Anwar al-Alawki, Samir Khan, and al-Alawki’s 16-year-old son Abdulrahman were – in the opinion of this writer – a test case designed to gauge the reaction of the American people to the extra-judicial murders of three of their fellow citizens. After all, who’s going to miss a couple of scumbag hadjis right?

Well now that Obama has successfully murdered three people and gotten away with it, how much would you like to bet that the next time an American citizen is killed in a drone attack, that individual won’t be as epic and obvious a scumbag as was the elder al-Alawki. How much would you like to bet that the next target in Obama’s drone campaign will be a Patriot? Most of us are, after all, considered to be “domestic terrorists” for one reason or another; at least according to morons like Harry Reid (and the DHS.)

Sheriff Richard Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has also withdrawn its support from OAS. CSPOA spokesman Sam Bushman said that the leadership at OAS “had no plan” past the initial day of protest. OAS spokesman Joe Bennett said that Articles of Impeachment and a 33 count list of grievances had been hand-delivered to all 535 members of Congress, but none of the legislators that the OAS literature calls upon to help the People peacefully transition to a new government have responded to that call; none that he could name anyway.

So. What to do…

Although it was an excellent idea and many fine Patriots have been working tirelessly to pull it off, Operation American Spring has been thoroughly compromised. FBI moles have been discovered in the OAS leadership ranks – outed by Col. Riley’s close friend Richard Hall – eight state coordinators have quit as has OAS’s only major supporter in the form of the CSPOA, and finally, despite repeated assurances that Maj. Gen Paul Vallely would have no part of OAS, he will. Now that the event is only days away it appears that Vallely will, in fact, be playing a large role, bringing his Tea Party Nation and Stand Up America groups in for support.

I’m not one to care about danger. I am a child of the Living God, I am Saved by the blood of the Lamb. What is the worst thing they could do, kill me? Ha. If I die I’m going straight to Heaven, do not pass go, screw the $200. Threatening me with death does not scare me. If my wife were not barely hanging on to life I would go to Washington D.C. to cover Operation American Spring no matter what might happen; but since I do not know how much longer she has to live, I’m not going to take the chance of being away when she needs me most, when Father calls her Home.

I can NOT advise that any of you do the same. Whatever Operation American Spring might have once been, it is my considered opinion as a tactically trained US Marine – an opinion shared by several Marine and Army combat veterans expressed during this show – that it is now a controlled opposition FBI honey trap designed to identify, and possibly arrest and/or harm, Patriots that plan on attending OAS; particularly those who have been herded into the Bull Run Regional Campground.

Any Patriots and militia that still plan on attending OAS on May 16th should be aware of one thing: Militia members at the Bundy ranch are now being investigated by the FBI after Las Vegas Metro, Clark County, and federal officers claimed that they felt threatened by the presence of militia with loaded weapons at the ranch. There is no way that the government will ever be able to prove that any particular Patriot ever aimed his weapon directly at a law enforcement officer; but that will not prevent them from “SWAT Teaming” suspects at 3 a.m.

I think we’ve seen all too clearly that when someone is “SWATTED,” whether they are guilty of a crime or not (cops have a bad habit of going to the wrong house and killing the wrong people – and getting away with it,) it very seldom turns out well for the victim.

I will continue to keep everyone who plans to take part in OAS, and those who intend to oppose the event, in my prayers. I will pray that the brave Patriots who intend on standing up to Tyranny will be kept safe, and that the traitors that oppose them will see the error of their ways before it is too late, that if they try to fire on peaceful protestors their weapons will jam, and that they will be blinded and unable to take aim if they get a Patriot in their sights.

God bless and Semper Fi,



This evening as I went through incoming emails, I went through the ‘Alerts’ folder where all my Google Alerts arrive. As usual there were a number of inconsequential hits, but one caught my eye. It was actually where Google had spotted a blog entry and replies on The TexasFred Blog.

Unarmed is NOT something I DO. If these people intend to MARCH on D.C. and to do ANY type of *removal* of elected officials then they have effectively engaged in acts of anarchy against the elected government of this nation.

Now don’t take me wrong, I have NO ISSUE with ALL of them being removed from the Obama regime, and to be removed BY FORCE if necessary, but you don’t go to a REVOLUTION unarmed.

Any leader worth his salt knows that and if said leader advocates leading an unarmed REVOLUTION, all he’s going to do is get a lot of American citizens killed for nothing.

Among the replies was this …

This has happened before: July 28th, 1932. Old geezers, like me, remember the “Bonus Army” and what happened that afternoon beginning around 4:30 PM. If you are not familiar with this terrible event and the events leading up to it, please read the article at:

Any one who has commanded troops in the field will tell you — you do not place your men in a trap — like a downtown area such as the Mall — with no cover and no means of escape. It would be a massacre.

It breaks my heart to report that I am convinced that American troops would, and will, fire upon American citizens if, and when, ordered to do so. The officer corp has been effective stripped of officers who might have refused such an order.

My study of the American Civil War gleaned story after story of American troops, on both sides of the conflict, weeping openly as they mowed down their brother Americans on the opposing side, even, at times, cheering the bravery of the men they were slaughtering.

If Americans are going to war, again, with each other, understand — the citizenry will be divided just as it was during the 1861-1865 conflict. It will quickly devolve into brother against brother, all over again. We must be prepared for that. There will be no time for PTSD. There will be no middle ground. It will not be a regional war. It will be a national war. There will be no place to hide. It will take a commitment that, frankly, I don’t believe modern Americans can muster , at least for a prolonged period.

… And we’ll never get America back. The enmity between survivors will be so intense, the Balkans will look like a Sunday School picnic. We will never again have a cohesive country on these shores.

I know that this line of thought has been expressed recently by others, but I have never seen it put so concisely and clearly. Speaking for myself, I read those words with a sense of dread as I was forced to face head-on what Harry Riley intends to unleash on Americans.

May God have mercy on us all.

OAS Disintegrating

Today it became clearly obvious that Operation American Spring is experiencing significant problems.

     •   8 Apr 2014 – Texas Rose resigned.
     •   8 Apr 2014 – Lynn resigned.
     • 11 Apr 2014 – ameriguy asked why. Fobbed off.
     • 12 Apr 2014 – Randy Wiley resigned.
     • 12 Apr 2014 – Pinkorchid demanded why, no response.
     • 12 Apr 2014 – Allegations some State Forums removed.

The lack of any sort of response from the leadership of OAS is not going to inspire the general membership, especially as it is only four weeks until OAS goes live. Coupled with the fact that OAS Demands have been presented to the politicians in the name of the OAS membership, but the membership has not been shown what they have put their name to, one wonders just what the hell is really going on?

Obama and Martial Law

Those who think that Obama would never implement Martial Law might (or might not) like to read the following article:
Russian GRU Warns: Obama Preparing to Declare ‘Insurrection’, Implement martial law

Note carefully the date of publication – Oct 7, 2013.

"According to this MoFA bulletin, GRU intelligence assests were notified by their Pentagon counterparts this past week that President Barack Obama is preparing to invoke the powers given to him under 50 USC Chapter 13 to hold that various American States are now in a ‘state of insurrection’ thus allowing him to invoke the National Emergencies Act under 50 USC § 1621 and invoke the highly controversial ‘continuity of government’ plan for the United States allowing him, in essence, to rule with supreme powers." So, in October of 2013 (around the time of an alledged EMP plot) Martial Law was contemplated in response to some major event.

Here we are now, a mere seven weeks until millions arrive in Washington demanding major changes in the government and with the intention of trying the politicians by a tribunal. But wait, there’s more. Masses of well equipped Militia will be nearby.

Obama has clearly shown that Martial Law is an option, and it would give him and his buddies immense power to accomplish his plans. All he needs is an excuse, a trigger. Would over a million protesters in Washington, plus an unknown number of well armed militia nearby, be that trigger? Would even the solid evidence that plans are being made to overthrow the government by non-constitutional means trigger Martial Law and a pre-emptive roundup of the conspirators well before May 16?

Martial Law in the Not Distant Future

[an email from TJ McCann]

On December 13, 2013  “Harry”, or Harry Riley, made a post to the PatriotsForAmerican Ning site titled “Purging Senior Military Officers/NCOs……….Martial Law in the not distant future—Sounds feasible to me”.

This topic appears to be posting the email correspondence from a “Col Jack”, ostensibly to Harry Riley, and discusses the motivation for Obama’s purging senior  military offices and NCO’s based upon their unwillingness to fire upon American people in the event of martial law. There’s nothing new about this assumption as to motivation, and indeed numerous web sites across the Internet have postings stating this same motivation for the purging.

What should be startling to everyone is that this recognition came on, or around the time of Riley’s indicated motivation to start “Operation American Spring”.in December of last year.

This recognition of the Administration’s desire to institute martial law, even with Obama’s intent “to stay in office beyond two terms”, should be duly noted particularly given the fact that the OAS plan, as currently lain out, involves the intent for masses to go to D.C. and demand the removal, not impeachment, of seven individuals, “Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, McConnell, and Boehner”, The country would then be subject to a military-style “tribunal” (right out of martial law text books) made up of hand-chosen members, who seemingly all pass judgment upon those Seven, as well as other issues.

Apparently Harry Riley believes his own brand of martial law to be infinitely preferable to Obama’s martial law. It is from just such arrogance and ignorance that Banana Republics are made, and nation’s thrown into prolonged bloodshed. Despite George Washington’s picture being conspicuously placed all over the OAS sites, this is quite the opposite of what Washington himself did, removing himself from a 3rd term as President and allowing the Republic to flourish.

While one may generally approve of the principles of “West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, and Jordan”, neither I nor the Constitution itself recognize these men as having any constitutional legitimacy under the terms indicated, and their extra-constitutional dictate would not represent the rule of law, but rather usurpation of rule by men and the overthrow by conspiracy of the U.S. Constitution! Not to malign any of these men, but we do not even know for certain that they each have the integrity to cast off such unbridled authority, as Washington himself did, and we should not have to blindly rely on such.

What should be recognized is that the massed Americans going to D.C. on May 16th for OAS will be doing so advocating Riley’s stated intentions to overthrow  the Constitution’s terms, and acting by conspiratorial pre-agreement seen prominently on both OAS web sites, which is beyond insurrection, to actual treason intending the overthrow of government, and such provides legitimate license for the existing Obama Administration to institute just that martial law, suspending the Constitution and those allegedly “unalienable” individual rights.

QUESTION: Is Col Harry Riley really this oblivious to the impact of his plan, or does he imagine Americans to be so ignorant and desperate so as to sign on to a plan that brings about the demise of their own freedoms, and this Republic itself? When the title of Riley’s posting indicates of martial law, “sounds feasible to me”, which is nowhere in the letter itself, is that martial law really Riley’s own objective?

Has Riley even paused to recognize, beyond official government response, that many Constitution-respecting, law-abiding Conservative Americans will likely feel compelled to raise arms against the actions of he and his misguided minions?

Of further note, there is no evidence anywhere on Riley’s two sites, that he rejects the authority by the unilateral dictate of the Executive (i.e. President Obama) to impose martial law. In fact nowhere in Article II of the Constitution, which outlines the authorities of the President, is there any provision for the President to suspend the Constitution, abridging the rights and freedoms of Americans, and to utilize the military against the American people. While Article 1, Section 8, Powers of Congress, does provide for the Congress the authority to call forth the militia to resist insurrection, the Constitution provides no direct authority to any body to suspend the Constitution and the rights which it does protect. The authority to institute martial law originally came about via Supreme Court interpretation, and has been generally expanded via a series of illegitimate Executive Orders, with Obama most recently having unilaterally usurped the authority to declare martial law even in peacetime.

While my recognition of Riley’s public failure on his web sites to indicate the absent constitutional authority for martial law may seem unfair, it certainly seems appropriate given Riley’s call to institute his own brand of martial law. “Quo warranto”, by what authority, does Riley imagine he might do this? There is no such authority, and nothing would be remedied in its accomplishment, while much that is precious will be forever destroyed.

If you want to discard the Constitution, and throw the dice to see what we might end up with, then by all means head to D.C. with Operation American Spring on May 16th.

The Jingle

Operation American Spring now has a catchy Jingle.

In the Youtube video there is a crowd scene, everybody having a nice day, perhaps suggesting that this is what OAS will be like.

OAS jingle

From Youtube also are the following scenes depicting others who also disagree with their government’s behavior. Your mileage may vary.

police clubwater cannonswoman

A cartoon


Riley’s List of Grievances from Montana Republic Radio

[An email from TJ McCann, March 19, 2014]

To Whom it may Concern:

This email addresses Col Harry Riley’s list of OAS grievances revealed in his March 18th interview on Montana Republic program, with host Wolf (download HERE), from the 01:09 time stamp.  The full list of these grievances provided by Riley, are at the bottom of this email.

At first airing, I was pleasantly surprised by these grievances, and do applaud Riley’s overall effort. Those grievance sure seem fine, right?   However after subsequent review those grievances can be recognized to be generally individually flawed, and cumulatively involve a flawed premise.   What comments I have regarding each individual grievance are [included within brackets.]

What is glaringly obvious about these grievances is their obvious focus on “the Administration”, or more accurately, this administration, the Administration of Barack Obama. Quite literally there is no reference to the egregious transgressions by Congress, nor the Supreme Court itself, both of whom have distinguished themselves, both during and before this administration, by tremendous violations of the Constitution and disregard for that Constitution’s limits upon their particular branch, and the federal government overall.

In fact, by the standards established implicitly by these grievances as well as the indicated Articles of impeachment for Obama, the OAS movement is not really about restoration of the Constitution at all!

In Truth, OAS is far more accurately about the removal of the Obama administration, and presumes the legitimacy of the Legislative and Judicial branches, ignoring how even the most recent corrupt legislation might have come about, particularly ObamaCare, and the Defense of Marriage Act. (I have to wonder if the OAS leadershipmaCare as valid and constitutional. If we’re not marching on D.C. because of government’s mistaken belief that it owns us, then why go at all?)

If this is only about the removal of the Obama Administration, then one must question why we are unable to rely on the constitutionally recognized method of impeachment, which does not necessitate masses marching on D.C..    Again, the inescapable answer is that those members of Congress, both the House and Senate, are themselves also extremely corrupt, and unwilling themselves to uphold the Constitution, nor acting in the best interest of this Nation and its citizenry, much less willing to apply the Constitution and laws to this administration,

Sure, we freedom-loving Americans understand that the Obama administration is composed of despicable Marxists, outright enemies of individual freedoms, and a threat to this country’s very existence, but many of us recognize this administration as being only the culmination of a longstanding corruption of the Constitution by all three branches of government, with the threat existing more broadly in government beyond just this administration itself.

Overall, the obvious intent of these grievances is to mimic the Declaration of Independence with its grievances against King George,  so much so that these grievances stumble over themselves in an the attempt to sound more lofty.  Once again, a focus on the larger picture results in the overwhelming question of why we have to state unsupported grievances, rather than cite direct and repeated violations of the Constitution itself.

If the Constitution is yet valid, then why would OAS demands want to retreat to the format of the Declaration of Independence, and if the government overall were valid, we would even need to do so? The only reason this Nation’s founders relied on the format of the Declaration of Independence is that they had no other legal reference guaranteeing that their interests should be met.

This all relates to what I’ve pointed out previously – that our concerns should not just be about removing individuals from office, and by merely removing those individuals, or even the entire Obama administration, we will have done literally nothing to remedy the dire conditions this country and our freedoms now face. Removing people from office is only a salve upon a much larger systemic Cancer corrupting all 3 branches of government, and the corruption of the Constitution itself.

There is also the high probability that even if this movement’s goals of removing (only) 7 people from office should succeed, that this will only more severely weaken the Constitution overall, and we too will be “as short in [our life] as [we’d be] violent in [our] death” (Madison #10), just as with Egypt.

GRIEVANCES (Stated by Riley, March 18th, Montana Republic)

1) The administration refuses to assent to laws of the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

[The “public good” is subjective. The most fundamental recognition by the Constitution involves the most limited legislative authority by the federal government is to the greatest public good. How is public good needing to be legislated? By that, would not  the public good become the dictate of sustainable development, and political correctness, etc? ]

2) Allows illegal immigration as a state to go unfettered, which imperils security of the population of the States.

[True, and reasonable.]

3) The Administration endeavors to deny the population of the states the rightful security and sovereignty by corrupting laws of the naturalization of foreigners and its responsibility to secure our borders.

[Again, true and reasonable.]

4) Obstructing the execution of Justice by refusing to abide by the original Constitution and Bill of Rights enacted by the people of the United States.

[Confusing. Is the Bill of Rights separate from the Constitution? Did anything or anyone enact those rights in the Bill of Rights?]

5) Administration of the United States of America is operating outside the Constitution from which it derives its just authority to govern and as such has ceased to support and defend our just and legal government.

6) Administration interferes with the judiciary process to rule without prejudice, disregarding the rights and powers the Constitution and Bill of Rights specified as the sole inheritization [SIC] of the people of the United States.

7) Administration has bypassed the Congress to erect a multitude of new offices, agencies, inappropriate authorities, czars, and since sent officers to harass our people and implement unlawful taxes, regulations and strategies, aimed to take away our substance and impede our rightful conduct of business.

[major hat tip to the Declaration of Independence]

8) Administration has enabled the confiscation of personal property by redefining eminent domain, for the purpose of personal profit for political allies, and increased taxes for local governments to the detriment of the people, and in violation of their public trust.

[What about the Congress itself being immune from the laws it writes, not to mention immune from insider trading, and profiting from its own legislation?]

9) The Administration denies freedom of speech and freedom of religion to certain political and religious groups in these States, through implementation of unnecessary and punitive laws, and unfettered department rules and regulations, established with impunity, and without appropriate legislative representation.

[Relevant to enumerated powers,  and Separation of Powers]

10) Administration has enacted laws and issued executive orders denying and inhibiting free expression of private communications.

[It seems they are redefining what “private communications” are.]

11) Administration enacts laws and issues executive orders taxing and arbitrarily punishing the people without the consent of the people of the sovereign states.

[The real issue here the fact that the government should not be able to pick winners and losers, much less be able to target particular individuals or industries, and this was part of the original intent of the Constitution. “Consent of the governed” was established upon ratification of the Constitution, and is irrelevant to current populist opinion, the terms of government being established.]

12) The Administration has not hesitated to murder the lesser of us with wanton disregard for rights and due process.

[Actually, the issue should be that the federal government has no authority to pass laws applicable to the states and the people within, and only the authority to pursue piracy, treason, printing of fraudulent currency, tax evasion, or violation of other things that are in federal control.]

13) The Administration encourages and supports ideologies within its jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution and unacknowledged by our laws, giving ascent by their acts of pretended legislation.

[Good thing no one in congress is putting Islamists on terrorist advisory groups]

14) The Administration is limiting our military effectiveness by decreasing support for, and of, our military forces, both in the States and in foreign lands.

[True, but I also dont think we want military effectiveness in the states, much less militarization of the police, and other branches of government.]

15) The Administration imposes inappropriate, unlawful and punitive taxes on us, to our detriment, and without our consent.

[Actually “consent” came about at the time of the ratification of the Constitution. Any subsequent reliance on “consent” would involve interpreting election results as being able to validate what government might do. We’re not a Democracy.]

16) The Administration imposes trade agreements with foreign governments, where the sole benefit is for those governments and corporations, and not the people of the States.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution.]

17) The Administration is guilty of negotiating and signing agreements in secret, or by obfuscation, with foreign governments, where the purpose is to subjugate the citizens of the United States of America to the laws of a foreign power, namely the United Nations.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution. ]

18) The Administration is dissolving and suborning our charters, abolishing our most valued laws, and altering fundamentally our form of government.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution.]

19) The Administration allows foreign entities the power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever on a global scale.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution.]

20) The Administration encourages and permits foreign entities to limit our access to the seas for sustenance, research, and travel.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution. See also, “treason”.]

21) The Administration allows access of foreign governments, our intellectual property, which could be detrimental to the economic benefit, safety, and security of the people of the states.

[See “treason”.]

22) The Administration allows foreign entities access to personal and private information pertinent to the population and industries of the States, in direct contradiction to our best interests.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution. ]

23) The Administration encourages and supports foreign entities which threaten to subject the populous of the States to its foreign agencies, laws, and regulations.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution. See also, “treason”.]

24) The Administration supports the Charter of the Organization of American States, which upon this action, the people of the United States became subjects of a foreign entity, and subject to foreign laws.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution. See also, “treason”. What about Congress and the Supreme Court doing the same? What about the fact of U.N World Heritage,sites, despite the enduring sovereignty of each State,even over federal property? See Pollard’s Lessee v Hagan (1845)]

25) The Administration subjects the people of the United States to the payment of monies to foreign entities, without regard for entitlement, or logical justification, and in many cases contrary to our best interest and security.

[See the Supremacy Clause, and laws and treaties no longer being “pursuant” to the Constitution. See also, “treason”.]

26) The Administration holds the people of the United States subject to the mandates of said entity.


27) The Administration has made the people of the United States relinquish their sovereignty to said entity.


28) The Administration has constrained our fellow citizens, taken their homes, made laws, and allowed the States to make laws, which infringe our right to bear arms.

29) The Administration has incited domestic insurrection among us, seeking to divide us against ourselves, in support of their political ends.

30) This Administration has created laws and rules to remove our freedom of speech, religion, and peaceful assembly.

Riley: The last paragraph reads, “Therefore, we the people demand an immediate suspension all Bills in the national houses of legislature, not directly related to proper replacement of designated officials, or necessary to maintain order, until vacated offices are filled and normal operations resume under U.S. Constitutional authority.”

Questions that want “Answered”

[an email written by TJ McCann March 18th, 2014]

On 2014-03-18 3:51 pm, Chris Blystone wrote:

Don’t feed the trolls and just block the email address. Not worth getting into any discussions with someone who will not listen to logic. If you have any questions you want answered based on the crap TJ is writing, feel free to pick up the phone


I apologize in advance for this email. You seem to be a decent and likable guy, but all the decency and good intentions in the world are not going to change facts and reality, and you pretty much put your head in this ‘noose’ of your own free will.

It is particularly bad form to refer to me as a “troll” given the fact that you, Alex Coffey, and Commonwealth Patriot (Roberto), came to me, by your own agreement, and suggested that I write the OAS mission goals specifically tailored to the Constitution, with Roberto himself suggesting a “coup” (his word) to bypass Riley with those demands and bring them to Congress directly from State leadership, if necessary.

If what I’ve suggested as necessary all along were not recognized and agreed to by you three as being absolutely necessary for OAS’s success, then you would not have come to me to write those demands tailored to the Constitution. Up to this point I’ve left any reference to you out of emails, but you put your own neck in the noose by now pretending things to be otherwise.

You claim to have answers to “questions want answered”, how about answering just the most basic of questions here in open email, since we all know the NSA, DHS, FEMA and other groups are already following our every communication:

     1) How can a movement allegedly based on the restoration of government to the terms of the U.S. Constitution, not only avoid every reference to that Constitution, but also promote the removal of individuals and subjecting them to trial by “tribunal” of hand-selected judges, when this is nowhere in line with the Constitution, and represents that Constitution’s overthrow?

     2) Does this movement believe the Constitution and all 3 branches of government have become thoroughly corrupted, OR does it believe the problem is merely the 7 named individuals, ” “? If only intending removal of those 7 individuals, is not the proper Constitutional remedy impeachment, and there is really no need for millions to gather in D..C. ?

     It would seem that targeting those 7 individuals is nothing but feel-good action, advocated by means entirely outside of, and hostile to, that Constitution, and which CANNOT POSSIBLY remedy, nor cure, the very real problems which so many want addressed!

These simple questions address the very heart of the Operation American Spring movement, and its motivation.

And like it or not, the means that OAS leadership itself has chosen to lay out these goals, repeatedly and deliberately avoiding the Constitution’s reference, does indeed bring up the issues of insurrection, conspiracy to overthrow the government, treason, and very likely the deliberate instigation of martial law !

There really is no avoiding these questions, not for anyone who is paying real attention and understanding the enormity of the stakes that are on the table. This is not a matter of “logic”, as you so conveniently reference it, but rather the truth, and cold, hard facts.

Chris, do you have any answers to these questions and concerns, or will you just blow happy-smoke up people’s wazoos and have them ignore these concerns, kicking the ‘can’ further down field, claiming a leadership that is repeatedly without answers and solutions (and unanswerable) is “handling it” ? If you think this is all “crap”, then it should be able to be easily addressed, and dismissed.


T.J. McCann
Valley Forge.