Here are some thoughts regarding communications.

To me, communication is the act of transferring information from one point to another. It could be anything from a Skype conversation over the internet, to raising one finger to congratulate a fellow motorist.

In the context of Operation American Spring one could subdivide communications into tactical and strategic, or internet and non-internet, or Washington and non-Washington, etc. As there is a lot of overlap with many of these, I’ll try to cover some aspects of electronic versus non-electronic communications.

Electronic communications could include-
 • Computer
     • Email
     • Skype
     • VoIP (Zello for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and PC)
     • Chat (CryptoCat has end-to-end encryption)
     • Social Media (Twitter readily links you with like-minded people)
     • Cloud storage (Mega is encrypted)
     • WiFi (mHotspot or better aerials extend range)
     • Modem / BBS (although ancient, they don’t use the internet)

 • Telephone
     • Traditional telephone
     • Fax

 • Radio
     • 3G, 4G, etc
     • Cellphone (Convenient but network easily overloaded)
     • Ham Radio (independent short and long range)
     • CB and similar (independent short range)
     • Scanners (but more and more radios are using encryption)

Non-electronic communications could include-
 • Written
     • Runners (young fit people)
     • Bikes
     • Pigeons
 • Visual
     • Semaphore flags (Boy Scouts, Navy)
     • Morse – torches, mirrors, heliographs or flags (Boy Scouts, Navy)
     • Colored flags
     • Sign language
     • Army hand signals
 • Sound
     • Megaphones
     • Bugles
     • Whistles


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