Alternative News Sources
    • Birther Report
    • Breitbart
    • Capitalism Institute
    • Drudge Report
    • Impeach Obama Campaign
    • Mediatrackers
    • Prison Planet
    • Torn Republic

YouTube videos
    • David Wilcock – The plan to take down the illuminati
    • David Wilcock – Mass Arrests
    • LRAD – Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices
    • Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)
    • America’s Choice – Liberty or Sustainable Development Part 1/3 , Part 2/3 , Part 3/3
    • Secrets of Survival with Joel Skousen
    • Rant-OperationAmericanSpring

Operation American Spring
    • main information website with Forums
    • includes Chat
    • Facebook page
    • Twitter stream

Dr.Jim Garrow (CIA whistleblower) on Facebook
     • Jim Garrow page
     • Dr.Jim Garrow page
     • A Nation of Minutemen page
     • A Nation of Minutemen open group

     • Operation American Spring Failure Facebook page


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