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      • Colonel Harry Riley, US Army, Retired – ‘hmriley’
Commander Assist
      • Ron McKinley‘Rooster’, ‘rpmckinley’
Chief of Staff
      • Terry Trussell
State Operation Center Leader
      • Don Johnson‘Osprey’
Media/PR Team
      • Rose Jones‘Texas Rose’resigned Apr 8.
      • Karen Smithresigned Apr 13.
      • Deb Howard – began Apr 16
      • Paula
Legal Affairs Leader
      • Janet Adams
Medical Team Leader
      • Kathie Marino – ‘Kathie M.’
Prayer Team Staff
      • Alan Coffey
Volunteers Leader
      • Richard (Rich) Hall – ‘Dinky Dau’
Outreach Team Leader
      • Martin Church
Comms Team Leader
      • Steve Elliott
Security Team
      • Ray Maust
      • Jody Kelly
      • William C. Forrest
Intel Team Leader
      • Suzanne M. (Susie) Price
Logistics Team
      • Ben Tienry
      • Jager
PFA Chat Moderator
      • Roberto Tonizzo‘CWPatriot’
OAS Webmaster
      • Randy Wiley‘RAWiley’ OAS Website admin, resigned Apr 12.
      • Alex Coffey
      • Bill Fisher
      • Bill van Zyverden
      • Kathie Marino
      • Kevin McClellan
      • Lynn Marieresigned Apr 8.
      • Ray Maust
      • Robert Burkholder
      • Tish
      • Twana Blevinsbanned.

Alex Coffey
Sep 10, 2007 joined Facebook.

Deb Howard
In Update 33, April 16th, Harry announced that she was the new Public Relations person.

Colonel Harry Riley, retd.

April 16, 2014. Posted on Facebook by John Hansen
John Hanson Lets just say, I KNOW WHO Ret. ARMY COL. RILEY is. Riley, was an interesting Commander in the pentegon. Interesting he left his command retiring early. then became a member of FEMA’s Strategic Planning Committe, then briefly was employed by the NSA, then as DHS was organized and signed into law he was re-employeed by Executive Appointment to the NLE Strategy Panel.

Sep 4, 2013 Guest Opinion on Attacking Syria No one is talking about the potential consequences of a U.S attack on Syria? Why?

July 2, 2011 Letter to the editor about Independence Day, Prayer for Our Country and Flying the U.S. Flag in Distress.

May 19, 2011 Letter to the editor ‘Obama vs God – The Usurper Challenges The Supreme Creator’.

Jan 14, 2008 Hello Colonel Riley is a blog posting in response to Riley’s English language letter. Plus comments.

Nov 17, 2007 Letter to Senators Your vote against an amendment to the Immigration Bill 1348, to make English America ‘s official language is astounding. etc etc.

Mar 20, 2007 Eagles Talons enough to win the day………..and the future anti-anti-war.

1991–1992 Deputy Office Chief, National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland. Sourcewatch

1988–1991 Division Chief, National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland. Sourcewatch

1986 – 1988 Commander, 712th Military Intelligence Battalion, Augsburg, Germany. Sourcewatch

1984 – 1986 Division Chief, National Security Agency, Fort Meade Maryland. Sourcewatch

1979–1984 Staff Officer for the Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence and Management Directorate, Office of the Chief of Staff Army, Pentagon. Sourcewatch

1976–1979 Staff Officer and Commander 2nd Operations Battalion, U.S. Army Field Station, Augsburg, Germany. Sourcewatch

1969–1970 II Corps Military Intelligence Detachment Advisor and Combat Assistance Team Commander supporting Army of Vietnam. Sourcewatch

1966–1968 Executive Officer and Commander Signals Research Unit 2-Zweibruecken, Germany. Sourcewatch

1962-1963 enlisted soldier in Thailand. Sourcewatch

1962 enlisted soldier in Vietnam. Sourcewatch

1956–1959 enlisted soldier in Germany. Sourcewatch


Lynn Marie


Randy Wiley


Roberto Tonizzo
• May 7, 2010 joined Facebook
• On LinkedIn as Owner at H&K Consulting with zero contacts and no experience listed.
• Contact person at H&K Seafood Virginia.
• Manager at H&K Consulting, LLC. Nevada Domestic Limited-Liability Company.
• There are 250 companies at the same address
More about H&K Consulting, Nevada.
H&K Enterprise, Nevada are Livestock breeders and producers.
H K Seafood Garden Las Vegas.
H&K is Holdrege and Kull Consulting Engineers and Geologists (solar projects, etc).
• Virginia Court records for a Roberto Tonizzo. Him?
Join the dots.

Ron McKinley
Owner of the OAS domain name.


Rose JonesTexas Rose
April 8, 2014, resigned.


Terry Trussell




Twana Blevins
Also known as ‘Savannah Brown’
Apr 16, 2008 joined Facebook
Currently runs The Halls of Valhalla Blogtalk radio.


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