Colorcode – Bankers Guns Military OAS Obama Surveillance

15 May 2014Markets Plunging – Huge Chem Cloud Covering East Coast As OAS Commences

13 May 2014Riley admits not qualified to discuss Constitution

  7 May 2014Congressman Laying Groundwork For Executing American Citizens

  3 May 2014Mission Operation American Spring – yet more criticism.

  1 May 2014The Reason Why There Will Be a Second American Civil War.

30 Apr 2014Oath Keepers Bundy Ranch Debrief – Here is an Oathkeepers’ debriefing video discussion of events at the Bundy Ranch. Given the discusion of how some of the militia conducted themselves ("Little Dog") it’s clear that with Militia going to O.A.S. in two weeks, it’s not a matter of "IF" something happens, but rather "when".

28 Apr 2014Elite Warriors Are Walking Away From Obama’s Fundamentally Transformed Military

23 Apr 2014 – Charlie Ferry, NY state coordinator, banned.

18 Apr 2014 – Michelle Turner resigned.

18 Apr 2014Cherylhend (State Leader – Missouri) resigned.

18 Apr 2014 – Yinzer Kim (PA state leader) resigned.

13 Apr 2014ameriguy banned from OAS forum.

13 Apr 2014Karen Smith resigned

12 Apr 2014 – NebraskaFilly backs away from attending OAS.

12 Apr 2014Randy Wiley resigned

  8 Apr 2014 – Texas Rose and Lynn Marie resigned

  8 Apr 2014OAS delivers docs calling for impeachment, resignations

  6 Apr 2014Operation American Spring. ITS A TRAP!!!!

  4 Apr 2014No autopsy report for Loretta Fuddy

24 Mar 2014Homeland Security Exercise Targets Patriots

18 Mar 2014Obama pulls all tanks out of Germany

  6 Mar 2014CT halts plans to round up guns

  5 Mar 2014 – Dr Jim Garrow – Caravan To Midnight episode 1 , episode 2 , episode 3

26 Feb 2014CT Owners of Newly ‘Illegal’ Firearms May Soon Start Receiving Notices

25 Feb 2014Ruling expands police authority in home searches

24 Feb 2014Is Barack Obama Going To Institute Martial Law?

24 Feb 2014Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law?

22 Feb 2014Obama Is Preparing the Military for Martial Law

21 Feb 201412 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for Forex Manipulation

20 Feb 2014The REAL Target of Obama’s Next Extrajudicial Assassination


19 Feb 2014Lloyd Blankfein Source of Worldwide Banker Suicides?

19 Feb 2014Obama Declares Vets Incompetent So That He Can Take Away Guns

19 Feb 2014Local News GM Blasts Obama’s Abuse Of Power, Calls It A ‘Serious Breach’

19 Feb 2014Obama Admin. Now Wants To Put Gov’t Monitors In Newsrooms

19 Feb 2014Social Security Administration complicit in cover up?

19 Feb 2014Battleground Texas Illegally Copying Voter Data

19 Feb 2014Hamas-CAIR wants to remove Pledge of Allegiance

18 Feb 20148th Banker Commits Suicide: JP Morgan Hong Kong & 30 Stories Down!

18 Feb 2014An Open Letter to the New York State Police

17 Feb 2014An Open Letter To The Connecticut State Police

15 Feb 2014Banker Suicides: The JPMorgan-CIA-NYPD connection

14 Feb 2014This stock market chart is absolutely terrifying

13 Feb 2014CT Gun Owners Stage Massive Act Of ‘Civil Disobedience’

13 Feb 2014Obama Researcher: Prosecute Obama For Using Fake ID

12 Feb 2014JP Morgan Executive Becomes 5th Banker to Die in Last 2 Weeks

10 Feb 2014Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism

10 Feb 201450 of Bloomberg’s Mayors Quit After Gun Confiscation Plan Leaked

10 Feb 2014Gov. Asks Mayors to Confiscate Guns

  9 Feb 2014Professor Exposes Obama’s Communist Roots & Mentor

  7 Feb 2014Sheriff Arpaio’s Lead Obama Investigator Bombs White House

  7 Feb 20149 Undisclosed Heavy Lift Aircraft Inbound to CONUS Concealed by US

  7 Feb 2014Nationwide Gun Confiscation Is Goal of Mayors Against Illegal Guns

  5 Feb 2014Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets Obama in White House

31 Jan 2014Americans Will Revolt If Media Ignores New Obama Evidence

31 Jan 2014Nine US Commanders fired by Obama

31 Jan 2014Army General: Obama Silencing And Purging Military

31 Jan 2014Third prominent banker found dead in six days

27 Jan 2014Beau Biden Neuters Sheriffs – Whats a Sheriff Without Arrest Powers?

27 Jan 2014Interview – Dr.Jim Garrow

24 Jan 2014We’re becoming conditioned to unnecessary ID checks and searches

24 Jan 2014MSNBC Cuts NSA Shutdown Discussion for Poop Pants Pop Star

24 Jan 2014EDITORIAL: Chuck Schumer urges IRS to harass Tea Party groups into silence

24 Jan 2014Pentagon to Launch Blimps to Guard Against Cruise Missiles

23 Jan 2014Maker of Highly Successful Anti-Obama Documentary Indicted

23 Jan 2014U.S. privacy board says NSA phone program illegal, should end

23 Jan 2014US Military Now To Allow Turbans, Other Religious Clothing

22 Jan 2014Majority Say Obama Incompetent; Untrustworthy And Dishonest

21 Jan 2014Discussing where people will sleep at Washington

21 Jan 201428th January – Birth Certificate challenge to Obama

21 Jan 2014Pilots Forced to Transport Thousands of Illegal Muslims to US

20 Jan 2014Pentagon Arming U.S. Police With MRAP Combat Vehicle

19 Jan 2014Loretta Fuddy’s Brother Questions Autopsy Results

18 Jan 2014Will USA Be Nuked From Within As A Crisis to Promote NWO?’

17 Jan 201434 Nuclear Missile Launch Officers purged

17 Jan 2014Obama Fears Arrest and is Running Scared From NSA Scandal

17 Jan 2014 – Col. Riley: Obama Needs To Go Part 1 Part 2

17 Jan 2014Operation American Spring ‘The Blueprint’ (It’s Time)

17 Jan 2014Think Tank: ‘Extraordinary Crisis’ Needed to Preserve NWO

16 Jan 2014The Pete Santilli Show – OAS With Col Riley

16 Jan 2014Col Riley, 1.8 Million Patriots Already Onboard

14 Jan 2014Senators blast Obama’s abuse of executive power

14 Jan 2014Obama: ‘I’ve got a pen and I can use it’

11 Jan 2014Obama quietly gives IRS a ‘License To Kill’ his opponents

11 Jan 2014Lt. General McInerney: Muslim Brotherhood Inside White House

10 Jan 2014Senator Cruz: Obama’s ‘Lawlessness’ ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’

  8 Jan 2014Military Thwarted Obama’s Plans To Nuke/EMP America

  7 Jan 2014Col Riley – We Must Rise Up Or Surrender

  6 Jan 2014Class action against Obama unprecedented: A. L. Webre

  6 Jan 2014 – Col Harry Riley – Operation American Spring Part 1, Part 2

  6 Jan 2014Military & Intelligence Know Obama’s ID Is A Fraud

  5 Jan 2014Assassination Attempted on Dr. James Garrow

  5 Jan 2014 – Ex-CIA Jim Garrow interviewed Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  4 Jan 2014Mike Shoesmith interviews Colonel Harry Riley

  3 Jan 2014 – Jim Garrow interviewed on the Pete Santilli Show Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

30 Dec 2013Obama Secretly Signs No Free Speech Bill

30 Dec 2013 – Erik Rush, Jim Garrow Interview Part 1, Part 2

22 Dec 2013Ex-CIA Asset Jim Garrow – Coup In U.S. Very Close

20 Dec 2013Gen Vallely – Obama’s Military Purge ‘Criminal And Treasonous’

20 Dec 2013Operation American Spring announced

16 Dec 2013Newscasters Agree: A Christmas Present Or Two Or Ten Edition

10 Dec 2013Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Advising Obama White House

  8 Dec 2013Obama’s Failed Nuclear EMP Attack

  2 Dec 2013Ousted Generals Launch Effort To Hold Obama Accountable & Save America

23 Nov 2013‘Americans Now See Right Through Your Lies!’ – Judge

18 Nov 2013Sean David Morton interviews Dr James Garrow

15 Nov 2013America Martial Law 2014! – US civil war is coming – Gerald Celente

  1 Nov 2013Obama’s Ex-Bodyguard: Scandals ‘Worse Than You Know’

12 Oct 2013Obama Ousts Top Officers After Nuke Explodes In Ocean

  8 Oct 2013Moderate earthquake off East Coast of US <————Nuke?

  1 Oct 2013 – Tom Clancy died. [Unable to find the cause though]

25 Sep 2013JPMorgan Chase, 12 More Banks Sued Over Libor

  5 Sep 2013Senator Warns Of Nuke Strike Amid Missing Nukes

  3 Sep 2013Earthquake false flag exercise to coincide with U.S. default.

  3 Sep 2013High Level Source Confirms Secret US Nuclear Warhead Transfer

  2 Sep 2013Graham: Charleston Harbor nuking possible

18 Jun 2013 – Michael Hastings died in single car crash 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

12 Mar 2013Sheriff Arming Civilians to Fight Feds! ‘No Hope Short of Bloodshed’

  2 Feb 2013Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

23 Jan 2013Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

23 Jan 2013Litmus Test: Military officers asked if they would fire on US citizens

15 Jan 2013RHODES: 2nd Civil War is a possibility, but call it a Revolution

  7 Jul 2012The LIBOR scandal – The rotten heart of finance

31 Mar 2012Obama’s records are missing

  1 Mar 2012 – Andrew Breitbart died

20 Oct 2011Voting machines are rigging elections


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