Our Daily Beck …

Glenn Beck’s “TheBlaze” has a new story reporting on OAS turnout, but it’s not much meat and a lot of bread.

Beck’s reporter allows the impression that the expected turnout was to be 30 million,  3 times the actual idealized desire. This was almost as much of a dishonest hit-piece as Beck trying to railroad Cliven Bundy as a Sovereign Citizen, when Bundy really had no idea what Beck was talking about, and had said nothing remotely similar to the sovereign citizen ideology. However when Beck himself manages to spend week after week on Founder’s Fridays, and yet cannot manage to teach the Constitution in any sort of real, applied manner, instead implying it was some sort of idealized mystical scroll imbued with magic, then this is not all that surprising.

The reality is that OAS was infiltrated and co-opted by Government people who were pushing for a massive turnout, and instigating an angry and scared citizenry to be armed, because this was to be the false flag incident that was intended to scapegoat conservative constitutionalists, the religious, and ex-military, just as indicated in the infamous 2009 DHS document, to plunge this country into martial law and cast down the last vestiges of that mystical Constitution. Aware Americans should be relieved that more people were alert to what was going on, and didn’t actually show, rather than maligning the movement overall.

I guess God just didn’t send Harry Riley’s  Geese flying in Beck’s proper divine formation.  Instead the heavenly host was reduced to a maritime flotilla.

But Beck can be proud he attracted such large numbers with a feel-good stage show, and that he hired reporters who can count, and recognize the weather while standing in it. (double entendre)

America can now sleep soundly indeed, and if it should die before it wakes…

(For those not paying attention, Beck is now hemorrhaging listeners due to repeatedly showing himself to be a less-than-honest hypocrite.)




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