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Recent research about Commonwealth Patriot (Roberto Tonizzo),  the O.A.S. lead for Virginia and D.C., has demonstrated that Tonizzo is not as he represents himself, a “construction contractor”, and very possibly a lobbyist inside DC, with Roberto Tonizzo being involved in a series of companies that are contrary to his claim of hectic employment in construction.

H&K Seafood
First there was discovery of his seafood company, in Virginia, dealing in Stone Crab,Blue Crab,Alaskan King,Dungeness Crab,Opelia Crab. Note the company name, H&K Seafood.

H&K Consulting
Second, Tonizzo was discovered to be the primary officer of a company in Las Vegas Nevada, H&K Consulting, LLC.  Note the name consistency with the seafood company. Note also that Roberto Tonizzo is the company contact, but he is in Moneta, Virginia.

This is a list of shared businesses that share his address at 2215-B Renaissance Dr, Las Vegas, showing a wide variety of interests in some 250 companies, and likely indicative of a front for lobbying interests.

Holdrege & Kull (
Third this H&K Consulting, and the consistent H&K name,  may be tied to a an engineering company in Las Vegas by the name of Holdrege & Kull, with the website address of (note the naming consistency).    Among Holdrege & Kull’s areas of engineering expertise is…. solar farm construction… just like what Harry Reid wants to install near the Bundy Ranch.  Below is one of the images from H and K’s webpage  banners.


Roberto  Tonizzo is evidently a lobbyist acting under the interests of Harry Reid, and misrepresenting himself as a patriot, and conservative, while pushing OAS forward at any cost, even going to extremes to viciously defame OAS members who have questioned the movement’s objectives. accusing them of theft, abandoning 100’s of crippled veterans, and even being a white supremacist, all without any proof.  One has to wonder why Tonizzo would so rabidly attach anyone only examining OAS’s method and philosophy. and go to such extremes.  Riley has refused to remove Tonizzo’s attacks to these persons across OAS’s forum sites, as well as social media sites, giving Tonizzo carte blanche despite how such conduct is obviously harmful to OAS’s perception and reputation.  This is inconsistent for a man who represents himself as a devout Christian and “bathed in prayer”, as Col. Harry Riley does.

Tonizzo has been questioned about his involvements in Nevada, and he deflected the question providing no explanation whatsoever.

Tonizzo has been traveling around promoting OAS with Alex Coffey to gun shows,  CPAC, and Virginia OAS meetings.  Alex Coffey represents himself as defense contractor living in Colorado and commuting weekly by plane to DC.  Coffey maintains that he has official permission for his actions with OAS, and therefore his involvement with OAS will not impact his security clearance;  he’s “sanctioned” for that involvement.   But what exactly is that involvement that he got permission for?   Alex Coffey’s father is Alan Coffey, who is OAS’s “prayer warrior team leader”.  This is what Alan Coffey’s bio on PFA says about him:

“I retired in l988 from the US Army from the Military Intelligence Corp, served in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry, later Augsburg, Germany and Heidelberg, “

I believe Riley served in Germany as well, and both military Intel!   And Alex, the son, is a military defense contractor, and yet has all this time to travel around with Roberto, promoting OAS.   Tonizzo has claimed he just sorta “hooked up with Alex” despite Tonizzo being more than laid back about any religious affiliation he might have. .


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  1. It looks like Roberto Tonizzo created his consulting LLC in Nevada, even though it operates in Virginia, to take advantage of Nevada’s more favorable privacy, corporate and tax laws. This is a very common business practice. And yes, there are hundreds of corporations and LLC using the same 2215-B Renaissance address because it is the address of CSC Services, registered agent for thousands of out of state businesses. The registered agent serves as the official Nevada address of the company and receives any lawsuits or other official documents in Nevada.

  2. Raicha, corporations can be easily registered in Delaware, or Nevada. That’s not the point here. We all recognize this as a given.

    I personally spoke to Roberto about his involvement in Nevada. and he declined to answer about Nevada, … despite having only moments before gone into this long spiel about his seafood operation, and what killed it. He also conspicuously failed to respond to my charge that he’s not actually engaging in any sort of construction remodeling, despite saying early on in January that it was taking up all his time, he was very very busy in February, and having alluded to it repeatedly since.

    In a broader perspective, Roberto Tonizzo has engaged in an expansive campaign to aggressively attack and defame anyone who questions OAS. I myself was accused by Roberto, on a social medial site, of being a white supremacist, and he stated that he had the “logs” to prove it. However when I replied there, denied that any such evidence could possibly exist, and challenged him to produce his claimed evidence, he moved on to other ad hominem attacks.

    Tonizzo has also gone into an extensive attack campaign against Michelle Turner, who was the OAS representative for organizing camping in Bull Run campground in Virginia. Roberto accused her of stealing monies there, and of leaving “500” disabled veterans without a place to stay, despite no such thing having ever occurred. When Turner left OAS, but still offered to help resolve problems for Bull Run campers, Tonizzo then accused her of misrepresenting herself as OAS and engaging in further felony theft, when the person under consideration had sent Turner monies via Paypal, and Turner had put the deposit for the campsite on her own credit card, putting herself at financial risk, and then was forced to contact Bull Run again when the camper then said they were backing out. I personally told Roberto of the details, and his response was to watch the site that night and he would post the evidence. No evidence was forthcoming.

    Here is Tonizzo’s gross personal attack of Turner posted on the “Intel” forum:

    Above, Tonizzo is calling for OAS “security” to act in an extreme and unwarranted fashion against Michelle Turner, using the phrase “considered dangerous”. This is the phrase that law officers use when they believe a perp to be armed and a threat to life, when there is no perp here, and no crime. This is unmistakably a call for physical harm to the person of Michelle Turner.

    Not only were no handicapped vets “ditched” by Turner, but she did not wrong, and was nowhere even “slandering” OAS. And as far as a threat, Michelle Turner is an older woman, handicapped, and unable to stand in the mornings without exercising her legs for over an hour.

    After addressing two email appeals directly to Col Harry Riley, and getting no response, I confronted Harry Riley on Bobby Powell’s blog. Quite obviously Tonizzo’s grossly dishonest attacks are sanctioned directly from the top, the Colonel himself, which should bring up a great many questions and concerns for anyone paying attention.

    Tonizzo and the other unethical scum leading OAS, inclusive of Riley himself, chose to ban Michelle Turner to prohibit her response to the unsupported charges against her made by Tonizzo, when Tonizzo had no cause to be banned, much less accused of criminal acts and bodily threatened.

  3. Here is the reply by the estimable Col Harry Riley, not to to my own two appeals, which he never answered, but to his own Media communications person, who had chose to leave OAS:

    Subject: Re: Roberto Tonizzo
    Date: 2014-05-12 11:29
    From: “Harry Riley”
    To: “Texas Rose” , “Harry Riley”
    Cc: “Alan Coffey” , “Alex Coffey” , “Bill Fisher” , “Bill van Zyverden” , “Don Johnson” , “Kathie Marino” , “Kevin McClellan” , “Martin Church” , “Nick Santini” , “Ray Maust” , “Robert Burkholder” , “Ron McKinley” , “Steve Elliott” , “susie price” , “TERRY G TRUSSELL” , “Tish”


    With all due respect, you leave OAS without explanation, trash us on PPSimmons, and now you expect me to support anything you say?

    I don’t know Michelle Turner’s motivations and it really isn’t a priority at this point. My personal knowledge reflects an unreliable person who was on again, off again, surrounded by controversy, while at OAS.

    None of us are perfect but Roberto has worked his heart out for OAS. Has he always reflected the best personal traits in dealing with others or in conversation, maybe not, but neither have I nor you. I don’t expect Roberto to address you, in fact I’m urging him not to, on this issue, I simply want to answer from my perspective.

    So, we move on to D.C. with what we believe is God’s wind, His wing covering us, on an honorable path with the right motivations.

    Best wishes for your future,


    Karin Smith did not “trash” OAS to PPSimmons; she indicated that OAS would be a “bloodbath”.

    But, yes, Karin was asking Riley to remove the dishonest attacks, not based merely on “what she says” but on the facts, and human decency.

    Riley doesn’t have to know Turner’s “motivations”, any more than she might know his. What Riley can judge is her actions, and nowhere in those is actions is there legitimate cause to condemn Turner, much less threaten her with physical harm.

    There was nothing unreliable about Michelle’s handling of Bull Run campground, and when she left because of personal concerns about the ill-advised mission of OAS that unmistakably rises to conspiracy to commit treason, she left, and when she saw that those people were not being helped by anyone within OAS, she returned to settle matters, out of obligation to those persons going to Bull Run, and not the OAS mission itself. It’S called integrity.

    What Riley and others behaviors show is cultist mentality, specifically a cult of personality that grew in a Harry Riley’s tiny forum site, and unfortunately thought it might still play ont he big stage. It is a cult that continually portrays itself as bathed in prayer, so it might present itself as righteous, while conducting itself in less-than-honorable manner.

    Anyone to question the OAS leadership and plan is ostracized, isolated and viciously attacked as a traitor, and worse.

    It is a cultism that is not just a threat to every member of the movement, but also a threatens to be the final nail in Freedom’s coffin. Harry S. Riley is not advanced by God’s wind, but by is own hot air and arrogance, that has repeatedly resulted in a serial succession of bad judgments, and is only sparing us horrific outcome as a result of those failed judgments leading to poor turnout.

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